Announcing Pitch Week X Winner: Jen Epstein!

Jen Epstein’s Don’t Get Too Excited: It’s Just About A Pair of Shoes and Other Laments From My Life is a collection of personal essays, harrowing and hilarious, in the David Sedaris vein about Jen’s struggles with OCD. The project came to fruition through her participation in a writers group founded by a coworker and close friend in the fall of 2012.  Through this writers group, Jen found a community of like-minded people and a strong support network that gave her the stamina and vision to keep writing.

Not unlike her experience in this writers group, When Words Count also introduced her to a wonderful, fun-loving, and nurturing group of writers, many of whom she expects will remain close friends for the rest of her life.

She is grateful for the opportunity to have heard their voices and be able to share her own with them.

Jen, while not excited, is greatly looking forward to the next steps in her journey towards publication and bringing her passion project to reality.

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