Announcing Pitch Week XVI Winner: Barbara Newman!




The Dreamcatcher Codes is a young adult fantasy about love, believing in the heart print of trees and rock, rivers and wind, sun, stars and sky; and how the archetype of the cowgirl inspires girls to live more courageously in the world.

Powered by cowgirl courage, the elements earth, air, fire, and water, and secret messages from their magical dreamcatchers, four girls from diverse cultures join forces on a quest to recover the missing piece of the coveted Crystal Horseshoe. Stolen by a giant raven during a raging storm, this ancient artifact holds the sacred Codes of Nature and the very key to its survival.

Sophia Rose herself, protector of Mother Earth, has called on Maia, from the North, to lead these cowgirl warriors on this daring adventure into the unknown.

But time is running out. The bees are dying, the oceans are filled with plastic, humanity has lost its way.

Will this fierce sisterhood be able to overcome the destructive forces and heal Mother Earth?

Braided in unbreakable friendship, each becomes her own force of nature, relying on cowgirl spirit to protect the planet they all love.

Barbara Newman always wanted to be a cowgirl. She grew up in New York, but not having roots on a ranch didn’t stop her. She took that “can-do” spirit and became an award-winning Creative Director in the New York advertising world, where she built iconic global brands. Her life changed after listening to a story on NPR about the American cowgirl. Shortly after, she found herself in Montana, filming a documentary about their lives, which led her to this book.

Passionate about the natural world and a fierce advocate for empowering girls, Barbara has led leadership workshops around the principles of cowgirl spirit. She is proud of being part of the think tank that inspired The Fred Rogers Institute for Children’s Media and Education. As much she loves Mr. Rogers, she’s not a fan of cardigan sweaters.

“I have enormous gratitude for When Words Count Retreatand am thrilled to be collaborating with Dede Cummings and Green Writers Press. Steve Eisner has created a brilliant one-of-a-kind program that brings out the best in writers. He has magically amassed a stellar team of judges and coaches, each with formidable reputations in their respective specialties. They are tough nurturing, and spot on. You will learn that writing a book and being able to sell it go hand in hand. This is the very DNA of When Words Count.”

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