Announcing Pitch Week XIX Winner: Gregory L. Norris!

Dedicated to Gregory Norris’s beloved Spouse: Bruce S. Atkinson 5/26/58 – 1/14/20

Norris’s M/M Dark Paranormal Romance, Ex Marks the Spot, is about time travel and the chance to reunite with lost love—something he understands well following the death of his husband, Bruce, in early 2020.

“Writing the novel was an opportunity for a kind of reunion. Having it recognized throughout the course of Pitch Week XIX at every turn by judges, mentors, and my ridiculously talented fellow authors became something of a tribute to Bruce. As emotional and difficult as it was to revisit my loss, the novel’s win and publication further attest to the enduring power of love and love stories. The Pitch Week experience was also great fun from start to conclusion and a reminder for writers, new or seasoned, to believe in their dreams and trust in the power of their words.”

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