The Ultimate Writers Retreat: Write, Recharge and Finish Your Book

Do you long for a quiet, peaceful, place where you can write, edit and polish your book for days on end, undisturbed by life’s demands and distractions? Where inspiration greets you at every turn and through every window? Where a strong cup of coffee can fully recharge your batteries and a brisk afternoon walk can completely clear your head?

We have created such a place in the heart of central Vermont. Our writers retreat occupies a fully restored and modernized 1809 farm house that sits high on the hills above the town of Rochester, nestled in the hollows of the Green Mountains. The retreat once served as a successful Country Inn for many decades. Remnants of this once-thriving working farm adjoining barns, an ice house and a geese pond dot the 16.5 acre property that also features a modern, heated pool.

Our writers retreat is a home away from home, created by writers for writers; a place dedicated to liberating your muse so that you can make progress like never before.

We free you from mundane daily chores, lift your spirits with the company of fellow authors and nature’s abundant beauty and support your productivity with a full range of book-editing and author-coaching services.

When Words Count Retreat is nothing short of a writer’s paradise, a place you will never want to leave. But when you do return home, you will leave feeling invigorated and uplifted by the substantial progress you will have made on your book. 

Take a video tour of the When Words Count Retreat experience below!