Our Philosophy

Writing a Book? Our Highly Individualized Advanced Writing Workshop and
Author Coaching Services Help Ready Books for Publication

We designed the When Words Count Retreat and its writing workshops to meet the specific needs of both published and non-published authors. To help us ‘get it right,’ we surveyed more than 150 authors with at least one published book or completed manuscript awaiting publication, and we asked them what we needed to do to create an ideal writing retreat with the most useful writing workshop, book editing and book publishing services.

Here is what they said they wanted:

  • An intimate, affordable writing retreat with flexible lengths of stay located in an inspiring area
  • A great book writing and book editing environment enhanced by good food and drink and a convivial, supportive atmosphere
  • Detailed manuscript evaluations, prepared by qualified practitioners before the writing workshop, and shared with the author upon arrival

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  • Customized writing workshop goals and objectives that address the specific needs of each manuscript
  • The option to connect with other motivated writers and writing coaches
  • An inspiring, beautiful setting where authors can take long walks to think through their writing and where they can choose to work in suitable spaces provided both inside and outside of their rooms

Our all season writing retreat nestled in the Green Mountains allows you to watch the leaves catch their new hues, right from our heated pool.