Advanced Custom Writing Workshop Application

Advanced Custom Writing Workshop Application

The Enhanced Retreat Experience writing workshop is an intense, minimum 7-day tag-team effort that provides more manuscript feedback, more individual attention and more concentrated brainstorming, creative problem solving and book marketing advice than any other author workshop of its kind.

Throughout your stay at When Words Count Retreat, you will meet privately in a series of lively two-on-one sessions with our experienced author/book coaching team. Together, we will confront, and resolve, a number of important issues that stand between you and a completed/polished manuscript. Between meetings, you will apply the ideas and strategies discussed to make unprecedented progress on your book.

To achieve the dramatic results we envision, we have had to limited workshop enrollments to no more than one author per week. This application process helps us assess your book’s unique attributes and your writing talents in order to determine if you would be a good “fit” for the program at this time. We wish you the best of luck!

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