Meet The Pitch Week III Finalists

Meet The Pitch Week III Finalists

Devi DiGuida. Suspense Novel/Love Story Cayman Hustle, is a contemporary suspense novel/love story about a 25-year-old, unemployed, down-on-his-luck, hearing-impaired college grad who is manipulated, by his ex-shrink, a best-selling sex novelist, into writing a graphic memoir that she plans to appropriate and publish as a novel. Events take a surprising turn, when he and his multicultural friends, from Montreal, discover a fortune in buried gold that is up for grabs on Grand Cayman, and when they attempt to expose the doctor’s sexually abusive past and present.

T.B. Groth. Senior Romance Novel Journey to Love.This novel, set in Maine, tells the story of a fateful, New Years Day walk that brings together two unsuspecting love interests: 53-year-old Jes Weaver, a content and successful woman entrepreneur, and Val Thomas, a 45-year-old transplant from the southwest, who has recently arrived in town and is gun-shy and jaded about the “dating scene.” Follow their story as the two discover the best is yet to come.

Omri Navot. Young Adult/SciFi The Fifth Immortal. Set on an island kingdom on another planet, The Fifth Immortal is the coming of age story of a young man who refuses to be discarded by his society after a pandemic renders him sterile. His solution: to discover and share the secret to immortality, by locating and confronting one of the four legendary “immortals” who inhabit his world.

Caleb Christian. Urban Drama: A Beautiful Struggle is an urban action drama about the difficulties a bright, talented African American male faces as he attempts to break free from criminal life and the dangers, demands and self-destructive pressures of street culture.

Cheryl Cranick. Emerging Women’s Fiction: Becoming tells the story of Claire Kelly’s struggle, through her undergraduate and graduate years, to cope with an initially misdiagnosed bi-polar disorder and the damage the wrong medications do to her body, and self-image, through uncontrolled weight gain. After a disastrous job interview at a prestigious New York ad agency, Claire enrolls in graduate school, but will the extra time and study be enough to fix her problems and place her on a better trajectory toward her dreams?

Lisa Smith. Memoir: Girl Walks Out of a Bar is Lisa Smith’s story of alcoholism and drug addiction that started early in life, but did not keep her off the fast track. Lisa became a successful young lawyer at a top New York City law firm. Like many professionals, she had the means and income to support her habits. She became so good at hiding her spiraling addiction that her close friends and family had no way of knowing the depth of her illness. One morning, fearing that she might die, Lisa decided to stage her own intervention. She inadvertently ended up in a seedy New York City psychiatric hospital, where she realized what her life had become. But could she change it?