Meet The Pitch Week IV Finalists

Meet The Pitch Week IV Finalists

DONNA Armellei cropDonna Armillei, author of Shock of Fate – In a speculative world where children are affected by a plague, Van Cross is part of a quest team in search of an antidote. When Van learns that her father is suspected of releasing the plague, her journey intensifies. Van must discover the truth with the help of newly discovered family before the promise of new generations ends forever.

Angela Dews_08- cropAngela Dews, Author of Harlem Hit & Run – Pearl Washington discovers herself back home in Harlem to bury her father and run his newspaper, The Harlem Voice. She begins to uncover the truth about the hit and run death of her friend and head teller Cecelia Miller and the shooting of her ex-lover and police officer Obsidian Baily as their community bank fails.

Katherine Haennicke- profile pictureKatherine Haennicke, author of Death by Perfection – One chilling night a gunman twists a school shooting into an off-campus night of killing. The 911 calls trickle in and slowly the murders are connected. A suspect is identified. Who really committed these murders and why?


PegMoran headshot- cropPeg Moran, author of I’ve Never Lived Here – Alex Sullivan is a boy alone. His mother died when he was young, and his father is most often away on business. After being expelled from a private boys’ school, Alex returns home and continues to get into scrapes. His father demands repayment for the school tuition that Alex has wasted. In this coming of age story, Alex journeys on a solitary path to discover whom he is and reconnect to his distant and austere father, whom he loves.

???????????????????????????????Kelly Tait, author of The Unfinished Animal – In Reno Nevada, freshman judge, Michaela Beck meets Corwin Burns, a man who reminds her of her murdered brother. Michaela lets down her well-honed defenses. Corbin is not the Burning Man follower he portrays, he is out for vengeful justice and sees Michaela as the instrument of his sinister plot.

Gary Vikan- cropGary Vikan, author of Stolen and Sacred – The true-life adventures of museum director Gary Vikan as he deals with looted antiquities, crooked dealers, deluded collectors, and murky financial transactions are chronicled in an adventurous and insider’s look at a rarified world.