Meet The Pitch Week V Finalists

Meet The Pitch Week V Finalists

Holly Bushnell- headshot- croppedRochester, Vermont native Holli Bushnell has penned a clever, witty geek-girl fiction entitled Pushed. What will our newly loveable heroine, plump and nerdy Violet Morgenstern do when an angel is pushed from the Pearly Gates and lands naked on her deck during a cold Vermont autumn night? Surviving the voice of God, and Lilith as an LA bombshell seductress, the journey begs the question of who will rescue whom, and how?

Sharita- CropCharita Cole Brown takes us on her personal journey through her harrowing memoir, Defying the Verdict: My Bi-Polar Life.  Diagnosed with a severe form of the disease, Charita Cole Brown was not expected to finish college, marry or, have children of her own. The prediction is that she would eventually require full custodial care. Yet Ms. Brown defied all of these predictions and more. Walk these miles along with a fiercely determined woman who answers the many questions of life.

Namrata Patel Headshot- cropNamrata Patel, of the Boston metropolis has penned an insightful novel about three survivors of a school shooting who grow up in the shadow of grief. & Then This H@ppened is a candid and timely look at the intersection of our private and public lives. It begs awareness of how and why we must each tread in the spectacle of daily tragedies and the public appetite as sideshow spectators.


Stephen Reynolds- Headshot- cropSteve Reynolds who hails from Greenwich Village in NYC has written a wry and witty memoir in trilogy about his life as an irreverent rebel now ensconced in corporate America. In Nuke Me, Cut Me Save Me, Reynolds discovers he has succumbed to the current male epidemic of throat cancer and takes his readers on the ride of his lifetime with courage, insight and hilarity.

Danielle RoseDanielle Rose, a small town Jersey girl, confidently brings her readers along on a magical escape from violence in a fractured family through her fantasy novel, Mind Key.  Noelle Ricci, our heroine thinks her ex-boyfriend may be a vampire, and uses her multi-colored dream world to make sense of what is real, and perhaps what is not. After all, how could she fall in love with a fairie and still rescue her stepmother, Gracie and her baby sister Sasha? And what of herself and a love this is far too real for either world.

Sarah Smith Ducksworth- Headshot- cropTrouble in the Air is Sarah Smith Ducksworth’s account of the civil rights era she witnessed as a young child and newly formed adult. Her novel opens with a well-educated African American family heading from their Mississippi home and on their way to visit family in New Orleans. They are stopped along the way by would-be sheriffs. The humiliation and robbery of this black family sets the tone for a journey only Ms. Ducksworth, born in the South and now a college professor from New Jersey, can tell.