Pitch Week Confirmation

Thank you for your interest in Pitch Week! Your Application has Been Received!(Please Read Carefully.)

If you have asked for assistance, one of our team members will contact you shortly to answer any questions you may have about completing the Pitch Week submission process.

Submissions are reviewed and applicants are accepted on a rolling basis, so it pays to submit your materials for consideration as soon as possible.(This is particularly true if you have not yet completed your manuscript’s final draft.) If you have prepared, buy not yet submitted, your manuscript sample materials, please send them, now, to jon@whenwordscountretreat.com . Use a subject line of “Pitch Week Submission.”

We review up to 17 Pitch Week submissions per month during the manuscript review period, which ends four months before the next Pitch Week. If your submission is scheduled for review this month, we will attempt to get back to you within 1 week or less. If not, we will notify you, via email, of when you should expect to hear from us.

Next Steps

Authors of promising manuscripts will receive an invitation to visit the retreat, at their expense, to participate in a Pitch Week Prep weekend (limit: 4 applicants per weekend.) These weekends run from Thursdays to Sundays and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. During your visit, you will learn what it takes to compete successfully in Pitch Week. Information provided will include: estimated costs of competing, a detailed look at lessons learned by previous contestants and other important considerations. You will have time to work on your book, and we will help you with your book messaging strategies and presentations, etc. Each Pitch Week contestant also will receive a FREE private assessment of his/her submission materials, normally, a $350.00 value.

Semi-Finalist Selection.

During the weekend, promising contestants will be invited to compete, in Pitch Week, as semi-finalists. All semi-finalists will be asked to attend one final private coaching/strategy session before returning home.