Pitch Week I Contestants

Introducing Our First Pitch Week Finalists

Congratulations to each of You!

Here is information on our Three Fiction Authors and their books:

  • Vivian R. Probst. Vivian’s contemporary romantic-comedy, Death By Roses, bridges the here-and-now and the hereafter, as it tracks the actions of a strong-willed, mid-western mother of two, whose meddling ways do not end with her untimely death.
  • Roger Corea. Scarback is a contemporary novel set in the 1950s Italian-American neighborhood of Roger’s youth. The novel presents a memorable cast of endearing characters, whose many deep-seated, unresolved conflicts come to a head on an annual fishing trip to Canada, ostensibly to catch Scarback, a legendary Northern Pike, with a $ 1 million bounty on its head.
  • Marc Abbott, author of Sinister Ascension. Abbott’s New Adult, paranormal novel, tells the story of young vampires trying to fit in on a college campus while one of them schemes to greatly enhance his already considerable powers.

Now, please meet our non-fiction finalist:

  • Sharon Spies, author of Pipe Wrenches and Pink Chiffon. Fresh out of high school, Sharon wanted a high-paying, secure job, which she found as a journey woman in the male-dominated, pipe-fitting world. Sharon’s memoir tells how this young ingénue stuck it out as a pipe-fitter for ten grueling years, in order to secure her pension, and how the experience changed her life.

Sharon Spies

Vivian R. Probst

Roger Corea

Marc Abbott

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