The Breakthrough Book Immersion

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Our Advanced, Limited Enrollment, Book Coaching Workshop for Writers of Promise

The Breakthrough Book Immersion advanced writing workshop delivers a high-intensity, four-day book writing experience unlike any other. We designed this program to help aspiring authors rapidly achieve major breakthroughs in their work, resulting in stronger, more marketable manuscripts. To achieve such dramatic results in only a matter of days required us to scrap traditional “classroom” models altogether, in favor of something far more powerful: “collaborative work sessions.” Our approach turns the “classroom model” on its head. Our two book writing coaches meet privately with each author for intense, and highly productive, two-on-one creative and collaborative manuscript discussions.

For much of the program, that’s how it works. We continue to meet privately with you to share important feedback and to probe, question and challenge you on core issues and basic assumptions related to your manuscript. Then, together, we brainstorm fresh, new approaches.

The Breakthrough Book Immersion advanced writer’s workshop welcomes both fiction and non-fiction authors and accepts books in mid-to-late stages of development.

The book writing program’s key stages:

Initial Assessment. To determine if you are a good fit for the program and if the program, in turn, is a good fit for you, we will request and read a sample chapter from your book and a brief, one-to-two page synopsis. If we invite you to participate, and if you accept, we will read your entire manuscript, or partially completed work, and prepare a comprehensive manuscript evaluation.

Manuscript Feedback Presentation. At the start of the writing workshop, our coaches meet with you and together share their individual thoughts about your book for the first time. The lively, free-wheeling discussions that follow typically raise important issues regarding your book that we then use to shape and define your unique writing workshop experience.

Specific Goals and Objectives. By the end of the first session, we will have reached a consensus on several of the main goals and objectives you may wish to accomplish during the workshop. We will prioritize them and present suggested actions for you to consider taking in order to strengthen your book. You will work on these items independently before we reconvene to hear your responses and to discuss and brainstorm further options for moving forward.

A word about your Instructor.

Steve is a perceptive, quick study and can rapidly break down complex, seemingly disjointed subjects in order to reveal, and explore, the unifying principles within. He brings considerable writing, editing, marketing and conceptual skills to the task — skills he will use to help you discover important, new ways to make your book better.

Apply Now. Call us at 443-963-6440, if you have questions or click here to access our Breakthrough Book Immersion advanced writers workshop application form.