The Best Consolation Prize Ever

The Best Consolation Prize Ever!
Claim Yours Today. You’ve Got It Coming to You!

You entered. You waited. You lost … or you won! But for one reason or another you still were unable to claim your Grand Prize in the When Words Count Retreat grand opening sweepstakes.

No beautiful fall foliage for you! No scrumptious Chef Paul-inspired 5-star cuisine. No scintillating conversations at night in the Gertrude Stein salon as blazing logs crackle in the fireplace. No highly productive mornings watching your fingers fly across your laptop keyboard. No refreshing walks along the picturesque lanes that weave through our Vermont mountain hollows.

Is that fair? Is that any way to run a sweepstakes — even one offering 50 Grand Prizes? Hell no, it isn’t! We feel your pain. And that’s why we are now giving everyone who entered our grand opening sweepstakes — but never made it to Rochester Vermont — the best consolation prize ever: A half-price, 4-Day, 3-Night stay in our two most affordable rooms!

It Gets Better

Not only can you have a great room all to yourself, for just $80 a night, but your meals are included. That’s right, you pay nothing extra to enjoy Chef Paul’s most delectable creations — morning, noon and night! And you can bring a guest, as the rooms can comfortably accommodate two people. You and your spouse/significant other can stay in a room with a junior queen-size bed or you and your friend/creative collaborator can stay in one with two twin beds. Your guest’s meals cost an additional $55 per day, bringing the combined cost to just $135 or the shared, per-person cost, to only $67.50 each!

Maximum Booking Flexibility

These consolation prize packages offer enormous booking flexibility, too. You can book your stay at the retreat for any open stretch of days during the week or weekend. (Holiday restrictions may apply.) What’s more, you have four months in which to schedule your visit: from now to March 30th 2013! That’s plenty of time in which to schedule time off from work, coverage for your kids or to make arrangements for your pet.

Book Your Dates by November 30th to Get an Extra Night’s Stay for Just $40!

If you book your stay at When Words Count Retreat by the end of November, we will give you the option of purchasing a fourth night for half-off the $80-a-day sale price (just $40.00 more!) Simply call us at 866-644-7868 Ext.1 or click here to get first shot at your preferred dates. (Include your name, phone number and email address so we can verify you were one of the sweepstakes entrants. This special package is available on a first-come, first-served basis, according to the date and time you place your call or make your online inquiry.)

Don’t Take Our Word for How Great an Experience this Is: Ask Our Guests!

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