Writing Horror Halloween Festival 2016- Workshops & Events

The Writing Horror Halloween Festival
Workshop & Event Descriptions

October 28th – November 1st, 2016


Festival Itinerary


Lane Heymont, Literary Agent

Friday, October 28 & Saturday, October 29


Lane Heymont Photo- smallSo You Want to Get Published

Writers need to know the up-to-the-minute trends and demands of their genre. Join Literary Agent, Lane Heymont, to learn the inside publishing industry news, changing markets, what agents are seeking, developmental strategies, and analysis with a focus on the horror genre.

The Psychology of Horror

A look at what frightens us on our most instinctual level, and the comparison of disgust/gore versus true terror. Insights valuable for both modern and gothic horror, villains and victims.

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Kristin Dearborn

Sunday, October 30 & Monday, October 31


Kristen Dearborn-smallBuilding a Better Villain

An in-depth examination of some of horror’s greatest monsters (human and otherwise.) We’ll learn what makes them tick and how to incorporate these traits into your own writing to make truly memorable villains.

Horror Tropes: Building Blocks of a Genre or Lazy Cheats?

Together we will explore some of the more common horror tropes and see how they can be used effectively. We’ll look at their strengths and weaknesses, when to use them, and when to avoid them.

Book Sale and Signing!  

Kristin’s titles will be available for sale at When Words Count Retreat, and Kristin will be happy to autograph all purchases while they are on site. Personalized, signed books make wonderful gifts!

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Barry Pirro

Sunday, October 30


Barry Pirro Photo- smallCelebrated Paranormal Investigator, Barry Pirro, will present a lecture sharing stories about some of his most eerie cases of huntings, poltergeists, demons, and supernatural phenomena. He will also play recordings of actual spirit voices recoded during his investigations. At the end of the evening, audience members are invited to share their true ghostly tales. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of ghosts, hauntings, and other paranormal phenomena from a real Ghost Hunter.

You can learn more about Barry Pirro, hear spirit recordings, and read some of his chilling case files by visiting his website ConnecticutGhostHunter.com.

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Campbell Harmon

Monday, October 31


Campbell Harmon Photo-smallAn evening with EDGAR ALLAN POE- Portrayed by Campbell Harmon

Dramatic, Entertaining, Educational

Edgar Allan Poe wrote the first modern detective story, the first modern science fiction story, and founded the modern horror genre. His famous, tragic love for his wife, Virginia, helped to inspire his landmark poem, The Raven. Speculation over the cause of his mysterious death in 1849 continues to this day. His writings still speak to us more than 160 years later and have inspired countless stage and film adaptations. On Halloween night, Campbell Harmon brings this great writer to life for When Words Count Writers Retreat in dramatic readings, historical biography, and direct audience interaction.

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