Announcing Our Pitch Week XXVII Finalists!

Jennifer Chapman, Dying for a Second Chance

In Jennifer Chapman’s psychological thriller, Dying for a Second Chance, Sergeant Rod
Kills on Top is investigating a car crash that seems to relate to a serial killer case he has been working on for years. The soul of one woman in the crash, Jessica, departed her body. Marie, the driver of the other car, was allowed by the Angel of Death to continue life on earth, but connected to Jessica’s body, so Marie could parent Marie’s baby. Marie has her own memories, and none of Jessica’s. When she wakes up, she recognizes Jessica’s husband, Jimmy, as the man who raped her and fathered her
During Jennifer Chapman’s forty-year career in education, which included teaching at
all levels, preschool through college; nine years developing, building, and teaching
others how to do intergenerational care in nursing homes; a stint at the American
School in Guatemala as the director of the Elementary English Program; several years teaching in two Native American nations; and seventeen years in a dual language,
English-Spanish elementary school … she wrote.
Jennifer is originally from Washington State and is now settled in Georgetown,
Kentucky, near her daughter and son-in-law, who have a small horse farm. Outdoors
as much as possible, walking and exploring with her camera, she captures images and creates collages with them, often adding her poetry. While wandering the beaches of Washington she began collecting agates and other rocks, which she polishes and uses to create garden art. Dying for a Second Chance is Jennifer’s first novel.

Lorraine Cover, Life After Love

In Life After Love, a romance novel by Lorraine Cover, Kate, a fifty-year-old widow, has finally finished writing a collection of steamy adult fiction short stories but receives a rejection letter. Her friend/attorney, Giacomo, tells her she writes what she knows. Hearing that ignites something in her. She has held back for way too long now. Excited at the idea of a new start, Kate enlists the help of her good friend, Claudia, to accompany her on a cruise where Kate is determined to spice up her dull sex life and live life out of the shadows of her past.
Lorraine Cover is a huge fan of all romance stories but often feels the passion and sex in them could be a little spicier and with clearer detail. She describes herself as a
passionate romantic and a believer in love, miracles, and that the timing of the universe brings you what is right for you when the time is right. She feels thar if her
writing makes you laugh, makes you cry, inspires you, and surprises you, mission
Lorraine is happily married to her high school sweetheart, with two lovely adult
daughters. She currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with her husband and her
chiweenie, Sherlock. When she isn’t writing, you can find her on the dance floor lost
in a foxtrot or cha-cha, or in the kitchen trying to emulate her favorite celebrity

F.N. Knight, The First Cycle

In The First Cycle, a visceral blend of science fiction and fantasy by F.N. Knight, The Medium, once leaders of progress and mediation, descend into corruption and subjugation fed by pride, fanaticism, political intrigue, manipulation, and betrayal.
Two young girls, Anibel Azure, future Head of The Medium, and Jerel, a lowly servant, keep dangerous and powerful secrets, ones that could bind or break the oppressed people. The day before her wedding, Anibel vanishes, and Jerel is given a chance to escape The Medium and break the cycle. Together they must discover the secrets of
their leaders, past and present, to rewrite a dire future awaiting their species.
F.N. Knight was born into the third generation of the Children of God cult in
Lawrenceville, Georgia. Growing up on the road, the youngest of seven children,
challenged her to adapt to new places and people at every stage of her childhood.
Her addiction to paper (i.e., reading, writing, and drawing) began a lifelong journey
to observe and record human beings’ strange beliefs and behaviors. Leaving the cult
at fifteen presented more challenges in adapting to an unfamiliar society but ignited
a deep desire to tell her own story. She sheds light through fiction on a generation of
young people searching for meaning and exposes the past that built their present
When F.N. isn’t writing, she’s building props and floats in San Francisco and trying not to take every stray cat or free book home in Oakland, California.

Andrea Mosier, Fire Eater

In Andrea Mosier’s mystery/crime novel, Fire Eater, Peyton Lyden’s obscure life in a remote Mississippi town is shattered when Dan Ragsdale enters her safe zone, insisting she come with him before the Feds show up. As they cross the Big River headed west, she wonders how her daughter Grace’s ties to a top lieutenant in a heroin operation, might put an end to Peyton herself. When a cold New Mexico murder case is
reopened, Peyton is front and center in the investigation. Peyton soon realizes that
both she and her protector know too much.
In 2014, Andrea Mosier was a finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award for Prose, and her
short story “Mass” was published in Best New Writing. Fire Eater shortlisted for the
Dundee International Book Award in 2015. “The Illuminated Man” appeared in
Serendipity Winter 2017. She currently writes, edits, and mentors writers with Living
Full Out, Inc.
Andrea was part of the “big quit,” moving out of a career serving at-risk students to
make her living from the written word full time. She treasures every difficult and
sometimes traumatizing moment in over twenty-five years of teaching gang members, students with rap sheets, and kids coming of age with disabilities. These experiences, along with being the daughter of an undercover police officer, give Andrea an unusual perspective of humanity, since she lived among those crosswise of the status quo and on the wrong side of the law. She saw them always as people capable of acts of cruelty, kindness, and sometimes even great compassion. That perspective informed the development of Fire Eater.

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