Announcing Pitch Week XXVII Winner: F. N. Knight!

F.N. Knight, Winner – Pitch Week XXVII

Usually, a coming-of-age ceremony would entail feasts, music, and merriment, but in The First Cycle, a gripping science fiction epic, the journey from child to youth is paved with dread and shame, should Anibel Azure fail The Test. A heavy burden, and one the future Head of the Vaine Body must bear. Though Anibel is not the first, as old and new conflicts arise and ancient secrets bubble up, she may be the last. But she trades one test for another. In a time of warmongers subjugating and hurling humanity into the unknown, Anibel is the only one who can stop it.

F.N. Knight may live in Oakland, but her heart is in the deep south of San Antonio, Texas. A place she would describe as her chosen hometown and the root of her family’s beloved saying, “I’m trying to tell a story!” six little words that changed her life forever. The ones she’ll never live down. As the youngest of seven, learning and observing are crucial to survival. F.N is a self-described historian, artist, philosopher, and old soul, channeling visions from the distant past and ominous predictions of the future (peppered with aspirations), one word at a time.

“The When Words Count Pitch Week is more than a competition; it’s a trial by fire, but in the best way. Of course, there is a risk, but the best things often require ten percent of madness to balance the ninety percent of uncertainty and self-doubt we all experience. I learned that when I moved from Texas to the Bay and then again from my fellow authors, coaches, and judges. I had my doubts, but the excellent staff and continuous support from them throughout the process won me over. Trust is not easy for me, but being honest is, and I had to ask myself, ‘What’s the worse that could happen?’ You’ll never know if you never try.”

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