Announcing Pitch Week XV Winner: Elizabeth B. Splaine!

Devil’s Grace is the fictional story of one woman’s path from devastation to redemption as she struggles to understand how profit could be placed above humanity. Angela’s choices of hope over despair and kindness over cruelty tell a timeless, yet timely tale that examines the role of women and the freedom that accompanies true forgiveness.

Elizabeth B. Splaine has written the Dr. Julian Stryker series of “Blind” thrillers, as well as two children’s books. When not writing, Elizabeth teaches classical voice in Rhode Island where she lives with her husband, sons, and two large dogs.

“When Words Count is my fairy godmother.

I was Cinderella, slaving away at my computer, just another writer who was searching for wider recognition and acceptance in the traditional publishing world. And then When Words Count waved a magic wand.

My journey started with an initial conversation with Steve Eisner, WWC’s CEO, in November 2018. After two separate one-hour conversations, and a review of the first ten pages of my book, Devil’s Grace, Steve asked me to enter the competition. I was elated.

Over the ensuing months I visited WWC in breathtaking Rochester, Vermont three times. The first to understand what the competition was about, the second to meet the judges and lay the groundwork for the five competition categories, and the final time for Pitch Week, the actual contest.

Throughout the process, my two coaches, Steve and a fantastic writer named Sally Newhart, as well as my wonderful editor Peg Moran, gave constructive feedback in an effort to enhance and strengthen my writing and marketing, and amazing Asha Hossain designed the book cover.

My competitors were great writers who constantly urged me to reach higher, because as much I liked them, they wanted to win as much as I did.

I am humbled and so very grateful that When Words Count entered my life. If it hadn’t, Cinderella would be sitting at this same computer, but the future might not look as bright.”

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